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Women for Women Giveaway

We know that you are passionate about your business because we ARE you: mom, business owner, wife, friend, sister…

Women, Fort Worth, Lumen Room
We are continuing that celebration of International Women's Day all month long with our W4W Giveaway!

We love what we do and we believe in our products. Our services can help take care of all those tired moments so they don't become obstacles for productivity or happiness; showing our support by gifting an entire marketing overhaul is just one way to show that we see you and we believe in YOU. This is a huge opportunity. The breakdown is below:

  • Strategic Planning: Discovery Session & Strategy ($1200)

  • Branding Photography at Lumen Room by Mallory Shelton Photography (3 locations) ($525)

  • Branding Guide ($4000)

  • Website Design & Execution ($3,050)

  • Social Media Analysis & Strategy ($1150)

  • Customer Management Coaching Session ($250)

  • Time Management Course by Lynn Winter ($400)

Click the button apply! Applications close March 31st.

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