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Top 5 Marketing Podcasts of 2022

I'll be honest.

I find the rise of podcasts so ironic. We are surrounded by so much innovation yet we find exuberance in a fancy radio. (At the same time, we are forced to create elaborate videos to sell products and also make it look like we did it with minimal effort. But that is neither here nor there.) Even with all my whining, I still love podcasts and will be listening to these five in 2022!

1. Marketing Secrets

Produced by Russell Brunson, this podcast is the perfect amount of helpful content, uplifting ideas and just overall feel good. Brunson is a FAST talker, so beware, but if you can catch every word you will walk away with at least one tip or idea that will get your wheels turning.

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

This podcast is a staple and everything they produce (love the newsletters & Facebook community) is marketing GOLD. After attending the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego several years ago, I have followed them like a lost puppy and I'm not ashamed of it a bit.

3. The Futur

Because Chris Do can do no wrong. We have all drank his Kool-Aid and ... it's delicious. This podcast is "a weekly show that explores the interesting overlap between design, marketing, and business." If you can find ways to apply it to your current company, ideas or offerings then you will love it! Do (pronounced "dough") also offers additional trainings for small businesses though this website.

4. Getting to Yes, And

This one isn't directly marketing related; however, I find that I listen to this podcast to get my brain outside of the box and challenge my thinking. William Ury (from Second City in Chicago) is hilarious and an amazing storyteller. The podcast features interviews with visionaries, authors and leaders who operate at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

5. The Jasmine Star Show

If you don't feel a little more uplifted after listen to Jasmine, then I don't know what to tell you. Her conviction is contagious. I'll say it again ... her conviction makes you want to kick over a chair, climb on top of your desk and say "Yes, I can do this." Not only is she a fabulous marketer but she is also creating an empire and it's just fun to be along for this ride.

Listening to Next: No BS Marketing Podcast

This podcast is POPULAR, but I haven't gotten around to it just yet. I have high hopes and I'll report back soon.

What is your favorite podcast? Leave us a comment below.

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